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The female body has a long tradition in the mediation of information. If it is in the form of the muse who whispers ideas, the hysterical performer of the Salpêtrière, or, as the terminus already reveals the parapsychological medium who addresses messages from the other side. The media-savvy female body always connects two of these bodies. In the performance Oracle of Selphy 2.0 the observer can now takepart in this information exchange. S/he can participate in a sit-in with the artist, Johanna Braun and the Medium Magarita Weiss and silently ask a question to the oracle. The medium will then address wordless the question to the artist who will connect with higher spirits. Therefore the participant will trigger a chain reaction in the hope to get the answer they were looking for. In this performance the artist is developing further the idea of her body of work “Oracle of Selphy”. In this performance series Johanna Braun tries to negotiate the fragile cooperation of the artist who tries everything in her power to give what the art enthusiast is demanding, and the high expectations of art viewer on this delicate connection with art and the artist herself.

Walpurgis Night, 30.04.2014. IMONO, Vienna