Johanna Braun Michael Niemetz Elke Silvia Krystufek Muntean Rosenblum Karin Ferrari Anna Elisabeth von Samsonow Kerstin GabainClub Chic Artist Run TSA Miami 2015

An (not so) exhibitionistic exhibition.*

The Bedroom, especially the Girl’s Bedroom was revealed in the 1970s as a cultural site of production and consumerism that is hidden, that keeps itself a secret, from the public view. The Girl’s Bedroom is a sacred place where some of the most mysterious rites of passages get practiced. Behind those closed doors we find a notorious place of underground culture, specifically the production and consumption of subculture. The Artist’s Studio is almost as notorious and as good in keeping secrets as the Girl’s Bedroom. Here artists hold secret meetings and conversations where only insiders have access. The Artist-Run-Gallery on the other hand plays exactly with those boundaries. Where does the public domain begin, where comes the public in, how far can it go until it looses its authenticity? But this is also its advantage to the commercial gallery. The artist-run-gallery can give an interested audience the key to the mysterious rituals of the artist’s cultural space. With the decision of TSA to partner with THE SATELLITE SHOW it reveals exactly this borderline activities. Here the subcultures of artist-run initiatives get an international audience through the collaboration with other parallel running art-events in Miami. With the decision to show a group of installations by artist-run projects at a former hotel this get further underlined. The hotel as home away from home, but also as public space perfectly mirrors this contradiction of the artist-run-gallery. The Hotel is perfectly situated between private domain and public site of consumption. Here a group of strangers share the same roof to participate in a cultural consumerism through tourism. Club Chic’s Installation BEDROOM CULTURE; or an (not so) exhibitionistic exhibition plays exactly with this overlap of the Girl’s Bedroom Culture, the Artist’s Studio and the artist-run Gallery. A group of artists present works that relate to those questions of subculture versus pop culture, visibility versus invisibility of art production and public versus private production and consumption of art. Please come in, if you dare.

Created by Johanna Braun

Participating artists
Maria Anwander, Thomas Ballhausen, Johanna Braun, Karin Ferrari, Kerstin von Gabain, Robin Kang, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Muntean/Rosenblum, Michael Niemetz, and Elisabeth von Samsonow.

This installation is generously funded by
Austrian Cultural Forum Washington D.C. and Bundeskanzleramt: Österreich.