This body of work is dedicated to Babara Newhall Follett (1919-1939)

Barbara Newhall Follett just turned twelve when she published her first book The House Without Windows. The story is about a girl who ventures into the woods and vanishes into nature. It is a haunting tale that merges archetypal myth with the desire of vanishing. After living in New York at the time of the Great Depression, being without high-school degree and as a teen bride Barbara Newhall Follett wasn’t getting the recognition she deserved. At the age of 20 she left her house and husband and never returned. Her mysterious disappearance echoes with the final words of The House Without Windows, when the lonely protagonist finally vanishes forever into the woods. „She would be invisible forever to all mortals, save those few who have minds to believe, eyes to see“ she wrote. „To these she is ever present, the spirit of Nature.“

In the Installation It Wouldn’t Go Away, So I Left Johanna Braun opens the exhibition space with her intervention. It seems the artist is opening a door to another dimension. The installation transforms the otherwise very minimalistic gallery room into a wild setting where nature dominates. In one corner she projects a video of a girl in a white nightgown disappearing again and again into the woods. But trapped in a loop she appears time after time, not able to break the circle. In addition to this overwhelming installation the song Leaving Home ain’t Easy by Queen is playing constantly.