Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf (coming through the walls)

In 2011 water damage on a Chicago house wall suddenly was interpreted as a Marian apparition. People from all over America took pilgrimage to lay down a sea of candles and flowers, and to photograph themselves with this water stain. When I saw Gabriele Senn‘s water damage, I couldn’t help myself but recognize Virginia Woolf in this wet spot on the wall. Virginia Woolf, who committed suicide by drowning herself, was brought back to life by a leaking pipe. Exactly as she describes in her work „A Room for Ones Own“ that women have the quality to impregnate rooms with their „whole existence“ to make a space of their own, she is now present in the wall of the main show room. And forces the Gabriele Senn Gallery to close temporarily. In her memory I have created a place of devotion and recollection. The misfortune of water damage becomes a spiritual event.